Professor Eric Anderson Sociologist Winchester University

"I am an interdisciplinary scholar who studies controversial areas of sporting and sexual cultures. I believe that rigorous research, combined with media-dissemination, can promote health, equality, and democracy for our citizens."

Dr. Eric Anderson is Professor of Sport, Masculinities & Sexualities at the University of Winchester. He holds four degrees, has published 14 books, over 50 peer-reviewed journal articles, and is regularly featured in international television, print and digital media. 

Professor Anderson's research excellence is recognized by the British Academy of Social Sciences; he is a Visiting Professor at the University of California, Irvine; and he is also a Full-Fellow of the International Academy of Sex Research.  

His work shows a decline in cultural homohysteria leading to a softening of heterosexual masculinities, particularly among athletes. This permits heterosexual men to kiss, cuddle and love one another; promotes inclusive attitudes toward openly gay athletes and the recognition of bisexuality. 

Professor Anderson is the trustee of the Sport Collision Injury Collective which is committed to examining and removing negative outcomes of participation in contact sports. Those wishing to sign the open letter to British MPs calling for a ban on tackle rugby in school sports can do so here.

Professor Anderson also writes about sport psychology, distance running, and the social problems of organized team sports. 

His sexuality work finds positive aspects of non-monogamous relationships and explores the function and benefits of cheating. 

He is available for consultancy, training, speaking, and media requests and is interested to hear from high-quality, strongly motivated, potential PhD students.